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Religious Education Program                            LINKS TO FORMS BELOW


Religious Education Office

open by appointment

908 995 4723


Kristine Menard

Parish Catechetical Leader

        Harriette Jeffreys - Assistant PCL

Religious Education Program prepares Children

for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.

GIFT Program

Nancy Nazario & Deacon Bill Barr

St. Edward the Confessor
Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

Our Curriculum

Pflaum Weekly Gospels (1st through 6th grades)

Pflaum Weekly Gospels offer their program online. This is the program that we have been working with for the past few years. Parents/guardians will be responsible to teach and help their child(ren) through the lessons.  At the end of the lesson there will be an assessment to do that you will email to your catechist.  This counts as your child(ren)’s attendance.


Pflaum Student Lessons

Every week, you and your child(ren) will gather for prayers and activities that tap into something you’ll already know or have experienced and introduces the Sunday Gospel theme. You will proclaim the Gospel together and then learn the related Church teaching and doctrine. Games, discussion questions, and activities reinforce the Scripture, doctrine, and life application.


Pflaum Teaching Guides

Teaching Guides (online) contain both flexible 5-day lesson pacing guides and 60- and 90-minute session programs to give you a choice how you would like to teach your child(ren). These full-color guides make religion class fun, relevant, and adaptable to your schedule. In just two-pages each week, lessons can be accomplished in the time that you have.


Benziger Family Life (1st through 8th grades)

To foster a safe environment for our children to learn, our Catechists take a course called Virtus ~ Protecting God’s Children.  This helps our Catechist learn of the abuses and how to ensure our children do not experience them.  It highlights how to detect possible situations and how to report them.  In Benziger Family Life, we try to teach our children morals and confidence in themselves to help protect themselves from predators.  These are important lessons for our children to learn so that they do not become victims of abuse.


Currently we are working on assessing their online program. Even if we choose not to use their online, we will be using their workbooks to enhance our current curriculum.


Benziger Family Life is a comprehensive moral catechesis for families. Family Life is designed to complement the religion curriculum in our parish program. Benziger Family Life integrates child safety education into a holistic approach to family life education. This program strengthens our partnership with each other so that we can, together, be sure our children are safe.


Dynamic Catholic ~ Decision Point (7th & 8th Grades)

DECISION POINT is a Confirmation program specifically developed to engage young Catholics in a meaningful conversation about the genius of Catholicism. It teaches and inspires teens to respond to God’s grace through videos and a workbook that inspires our children to understand what it means to be Catholic.  Link to DECISION POINT from Dynamic Catholic.


The 7th & 8th graders will also be assigned reports, Corporal Works of Mercy and other activities during the curriculum year. 


We are currently working on a zoom classroom for both grades.


First Reconciliation and First Eucharist (2nd grade)

We are so excited to introduce the Blessed program from Dynamic Catholic for our Firsts Reconciliation and First Eucharist students. With world-class animation and workbooks that are works of art, First Reconciliation and First Eucharist prep finally meets children where they are and leads them, step-by-step, to where God is calling them to be.  Link to BLESSED from Dynamic Catholic.



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