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Parish Bulletin



Sunday, January 29, 2023   Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Matthew 5:1-12a


The beatitudes which Jesus offers us are a sign of contradiction to the world's understanding of happiness and joy. How can one possibly find happiness in poverty, hunger, mourning, and persecution? Poverty of spirit finds ample room and joy in possessing God as the greatest treasure possible. Hunger of the spirit seeks nourishment and strength in God's word and Spirit. Sorrow and mourning over wasted life and sin leads to joyful freedom from the burden of guilt and spiritual oppression. God reveals to the humble of heart the true source of abundant life and happiness. Jesus promises his disciples that the joys of heaven will more than compensate for the troubles and hardships they can expect in this world. Do you know the happiness of hungering and thirsting for God alone?


Mass Intentions


Saturday - Sunday, January 28 - 29, Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  4:00 PM   Marian Kaczynski r/o Ercolino Family 

  8:00 AM   Maria Borkes r/o Husband   

10:00 AM   Rosa Valentin r/o Ethel and Maurice Mitchell


Monday, January 30, 9:00 AM   Vittoria Calemme r/o Nick and Maria Badalato

Tuesday, January 31, 6:00 PM   Marian Kaczynski r/o Linda and John Milo     

Wednesday, February 1, 9:00 AM   Msgr. Armando J. Perini r/o Richard and Lore Perini            

Thursday, February 2, 9:00 AM   Angelina Maltese r/o Don and Etta Marrolli  

Friday, February 3, 9:00 AM   Eucharistic Service 


Saturday - Sunday, February 4 - 5, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  4:00 PM   Michael Mulligan r/o Lin and Rich Eckelhofer  

  8:00 AM   Maria Borkes r/o Husband

10:00 AM   Parish Family 




Congratulation to the Children of our Parish who for the first time received the Sacrament of Reconciliation: Christopher John Agaccio, Hannah Noelle Consalvo, Olivia Maria Gabriel, Sadie Rose Kelly, Isabella Elaine Maglione, Jilian Kristine Niehammer, Kyara Chrishel Piedra, Lexie Shay Sanocki. Special thanks to Deacon Bill Barr, Kristine Menard - Parish Catechetical Leader and Lisa Hartpence – First Communin Coordinator.


Sunday, February 12, Rosary Altar Society Meeting (9:15 AM Recitation of the Rosary in the Church followed by Mass and Meeting in the Library of the Parish Center)


2023 Bishop’s Annual Appeal - Renewed and Sent on Mission by the Eucharist


Through your support of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal you help those in our diocese whose needs are the greatest—the poor, the homeless, and those struggling with illness or grief.  Among other needed pastoral ministries, your gift also supports the formation of seminarians and the ministry of our hospital and prison chaplains. The many pastoral, educational and charitable ministries of the Diocese of Metuchen would not be possible without a generous contribution from every household.  Please be as generous as your means allow.


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